Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!  I’ll flesh this section out a little bit more in the future, but here’s me in a nutshell.

My name is Rachel and I left a career in the personal care and fragrance industry where I was the Technical Director of a private label manufacturing company to pursue a career in the fitness industry.  And to overshare on the internet (obviously – I mean, you’re reading my blog!)  I haven’t decided yet if this major career move was the stupidest decision of my life resulting from a very early mid-life crisis OR a brilliant, cathartic and life-altering moment where I decide to forego what society (and pretty much my entire family) says I should be doing and pursue a profession in a field that I love.  If I’m not living in a van by the river within the next year, I shall consider my life’s new path a resounding success.  Setting the bar high over here…

I’m an east coast transplant who has been living in Orange County, California since 2007.  I miss my family and friends back east like crazy, but I do not miss shoveling my car out from under 7 feet of snow every winter.


The family on mine and Danon’s wedding day.  In traditional Polish wedding fashion, we celebrated for a week straight.  I think everyone has just recently recovered.

I have been married to my husband Danon for almost 2 years now.  We actually met over 5 years ago where we engaged in a heated discussion over hockey.  He’s a Kings fan, I root for the Sabres, but we still manage to make it work despite that high probability of potential conflict.  He is hands down 110% the most supportive, honest and FUN husband I ever could have asked for, and we plan to spend a lifetime engaging in mutual weirdness together.


Our honeymoon in Thailand.  

On March 10, 2016, I gave birth to our daughter, Naia Gabriela.  Since that day, I have logged about 18 total hours of sleep, but her precious face and beautiful smile make it all so very worth it.  One day in the not-so-distant future she will likely Google her mom’s name, and be very, very embarrassed.  But for now, she’s just my little love-bug.


We have two fur babies, Jameson and Lindy.  Both were adopted from rescues, so we’re not too sure what their breeds are.  Jameson is some type of terrier mixed with either kangaroo or deer, and Lindy is a Lhasa Apso mixed with perhaps a hippopotamus or a rhino.


Don’t let those cute faces fool you.  They are merely taking a short break from systematically destroying the house.

Oh and if you couldn’t figure it out from the blog yet, I like to run.  Actually any sort of athletic activity puts my gears in motion. Except golf.  I’m terrible at golf – I am what we call a “short-tempered club-thrower” on the course.

I swam competitively throughout my childhood, high school and for a couple years in college before I was permanently sidelined with ongoing shoulder injuries.  I continued to work out and stay fit, but college and grad school life are not always synonymous with a glowing picture of health.  I started distance running about 6 years ago as a way to engage in a healthier lifestyle, and long story short, it grew from a hobby into a passion.

I ran my first half marathon in 2010 in Huntington Beach in a pair of yoga pants and a (gasp!) cotton tank top.  I finished chafed, exhausted, hot, sweaty, slightly delirious, semi-conscious, and instantly hooked.  Since then, I have run about a dozen half marathons and five marathons.

My short term running goal is to knock a couple more minutes off my current PR in time for registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon (early September).  Long term, I would like to try my hand at triathalons once I am able to face my fear of taking a road bike out on anything resembling a road with cars.  For now, the struggle continues…

Once again, thanks for checking out my blog – I know there are literally thousands of running and fitness blogs out there, so hopefully you appreciate my brand of running and humor and you stick around!  Bye for now!


Isn’t that view behind me great?  The view of the ocean you pervs…what were you looking at?


  1. I rarely have time to update my blog let alone keep up to date on other awesome blogs. However I did indeed appreciate your brand of humor laced throughout your profile. Have a good one I’ve gotta run…haha not literally just figuratively!


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