16 for 2016

Hi All!  I was recently inspired to write a “Goals for 2016” blog post by a couple other posts I saw on the interwebs.  I know it’s a little ambitious to have goals like these given that we are going to have an infant to contend with, and I hear those little buggers require just a little bit of work.

BUT…on the flip side, as much as I am going to love, care for, and attend to the needs of our new little one, I still need to nurture me, and my relationships with my husband, family and friends.  I had a life before baby, and guess what…I am going to have a life after the baby is born as well.  I don’t want to lose myself, or lose sight of my loves and dreams once the baby is here, and my goals for 2016 center around letting this new little bundle of joy enhance and become a part of mine and Danon’s life together, not detract from it.

Goal 1: Birth and Nurture a Healthy, Happy Baby Well, obviously on this one!  Although I joke about all the crappiness that comes with pregnancy, I have been truly blessed to have a relatively healthy pregnancy free of any complications or issues (knock on wood!).  And come March (late February?), Baby Beres is going to make his/her grand entrance into this world one way or another.  Despite the impending sleepless nights, tears (the baby’s…mine…Danon’s…our neighbors), and frustrating moments, I promise to just do my best.  Oh, and not threaten Danon’s life…more than once a week.

b and w

Goal 2: Run a Half Marathon After all, this is supposed to be a “running” blog and I did drop some serious coin on our bling bling jogging stroller.  Realistically, I would be setting myself up for failure/disappointment if I tried to train for and run a full marathon or if I set a lofty time goal for myself in the half.  I need to be honest here: I’m not going to be in “Sub-1:40 shape” for the half or “BQ” shape for the full by the end of this year barring anything short of a miracle.  So my goal for this year is to properly train for a half marathon (I’m thinking Long Beach in October will be a good one) and run the race at a consistent pace (meaning even or negative splits) that challenges me but doesn’t kill me.  After all, I’ll have a nugget to take care of (See Goal 1).


Me after qualifying for Boston last year.  See…I DID run at one point.  This WAS supposed to be a running blog upon its inception.

Goal 3: Cook One New Recipe per Week Maybe this one is a little ambitious with the new babe (perhaps I should modify this one to “Cook Something Remotely Edible Once a Week?) but I do want to keep up with the meal planning and cooking Danon and I do now.  How hard can it be to just throw a little variety into our usual list of suspects? Goal stays as is…but may be subject to future modification.

Goal 4: Grow My Personal Training and Running Coach Business by 200% This is a really important, high priority goal.  I need to grow and nurture my “other” baby.  2015 was a weird year – I left my fancy shmancy money-makin’ corporate job to pursue my dream and start my own business and build my brand, and then that plus sign popped up on the pee stick!  I didn’t think I was going to get pregnant as quickly as I did, and truth be told, it did throw a little wrench into my plans.  It was hard ethically to market myself and take on new clients with the knowledge that I would have to peace out a few months down the road.  And that first trimester exhaustion was no joke – in the epic battle of “work on the website versus take a nap”, the nap almost always won out.  2016 will be the year I truly put appropriate effort into growing Step Bite Step.

Personal Training

One of my clients and I during our weekly sunrise workout together.  I’ll also be bringing back my free Saturday AM bootcamps on the beach to generate more interest in one-on-one sessions 

Goal 5: Do My “Killer Leg Bosu Workout” in Under 13 Minutes I did this workout in 12:30 right before I got knocked up, and did it in 15 minutes when I was 18 weeks pregnant.  If I attempted it today, it would take me upwards of 6 hours and I would not be able to walk for 4 days thereafter.  This workout combines HIIT, plyometrics and some killer cardio, and I like to use it as a benchmark for my fitness level and the fitness levels of my clients as well.  Here it is, in all its glory:

Killer Leg

Goal 6: Read One Book per Month Keeps the mind fresh and that SAT-quality vocabulary flowing!  In the past, I read when I traveled; that luxury will pretty much wave bye-bye to me this year, so this is something for which  I am going to have to consciously carve out time.   But it’s so important!  Email, text messaging, Snapchatting…technology is a beautiful thing, but the downside of all of these “quick” methods of communication is that we, as a society, have become lazy and sloppy in our language.  Reading REAL literature does wonders for empowering us to effectively, intelligently and eloquently communicate our thoughts and ideas.

Goal 7: Take the Babe on a Hike I love a good hike and I haven’t been able to partake in one of my favorite activities in months!  I can’t wait to plop nugget into the Baby Bjorn and head out to El Moro.


Goal 8: Get Back to “Cleaner” Eating OK Rach, you had a nice run there.  It’s easy to justify why you downed a 2 lb. bag of Sweedish fish and chased it with a cupcake in the name of “but baby wanted sugar”.  And let’s be clear here – I am not one for diets or really any type of restrictive eating habits (been there, done that).  I’ll try the latest superfood, but I won’t force it down my gullet and pretend to like it if I think it’s gross just because it has vitamins and is low in carbs (I’m looking at you raw kale, brown rice and dark chocolate!).  But it’s time to get back to my fruits, veggies, Greek yogurt, eggs, whole grains and lean meats.

And please, please, please don’t misinterpret this as a “lose the baby weight” goal.   My body has gone through and will continue to go through some crazy physiological changes, some of these irreversible.  Fitting in my “skinny jeans” or having 6-pack abs  may never happen again and that’s fine, but I DO want to get back to feeling like myself again and to getting back to a certain fitness level.

Goal 9: Successfully Fly Cross-Country with the Babe We have a tentative trip planned to Buffalo and Philadelphia this July to visit family and attend a friend’s wedding.  Baby Beres will likely be about 4 months old.  I’ll appreciate any tips, suggestions, prayers, condolences…

Goal 10: Blog at Least Three Times a Month This one goes hand in hand with my goal to grow my business.  As my online presence grows (blog, Facebook, Instagram) and I become more visible and well-known in the running and training communities, I’ll (hopefully) gain more clients.  Unless, of course, I am so sleep deprived that my personality becomes unbearable and/or I forget to shower for days at a time and I constantly smell like B.O. and baby vomit.

Goal 11: Do Something New with the ‘Do I went natural with some honey-colored balayage highlights a couple years ago, and although I love that it’s waaaaay less maintenance than the blond, the blond did brighten my features and make me look younger.  Maybe I’ll go back to the blond?  Maybe some bangs?  Maybe a new shorter “mom ‘do”?  Hahaha…no that last one will never happen!


About 6 years ago, rockin’ the blond and the bangs.  And some sweet antlers.

Goal 12: Try a New Restaurant Once a Month Every 2 Months AKA “Keep the Sexy in the Marriage and Have Scheduled Date Nights” AKA “Get out once in awhile, you had a killer social life before you became a mom”.

Goal 13: Refrain from Judgement of Other Mommies Repeat after me:  I will not fall into this trap.  I will not fall into this trap.  I remember how it felt when people would make judgmental comments to me during my pregnancy.  Most people tell you that you are doing great.  Others chime in with little tidbits of wisdom like, “I hope that coffee is decaf!” (It wasn’t…eff off), “Should you really be running in your condition?” (well, my doctor seems to think it’s OK, and she has a fancy medical degree…do you?), or “Jesus Rachel, do you really need that fifth glass of wine?” (OK, I’m kidding on the last one).  Bottom line though…those comments weren’t helpful, and some were downright hurtful.  At the end of the day, whether you choose to breast-feed, bottle-feed, co-sleep, make them cry it out, use cloth diapers, enforce a schedule, whatever…every parent is doing what they feel is best for their family.  You do you boo.  No one likes a sanctimommy.

One of my new mommy friends gave me a piece of advice that I think is awesome:  Don’t intervene or put in your two cents unless there is an imminent safety issue.

Goal 14: Involve Myself More in the Local Running Community Again, this one goes hand in hand with growing the business.  Back in 2015, I joined a Snail’s Pace Running Club and attended a few meetings.  I also became a Road Runners Certified Running Coach.  But my recent participation in SoCal’s thriving running community has been negligible.  It’s time to start re-involving myself in the local running community, make an effort to meet more local runners, and hopefully take on a few clients looking for a coach for one of our many local road races.

Goal 15: Take that Surfing Lesson I Had to Cancel Last Summer Bought a Groupon for a private surfing lesson, signed up for said lesson, found out I was preggers about a week thereafter.  Bummer dude.

Goal 16: Watch at Least One TED Talk Per Day I used to watch three of these per day – they are awesome!  Just 18 minutes (or less!) of your time, and you can learn about science, technology, business, culture, art, history, comedy, whatever.  I figure I’ll have some time while my child is hanging off my boob, so instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on my phone, why not actually learn something cool?


Bonus Goal 16: Relax Yea, yea, yea, I know this is going to be a tough one to execute with an infant in tow.  But for the love of it all Rachel, keep your shit together.  You’re certainly not the first new mommy out there who literally has no idea what the hell she is doing.  When you feel your face getting red and your blood pressure starts to go through the roof, ask yourself “In the grand scheme of things, is this really a big deal?”  If the answer is “no”, take a deep breath and move on.


Namaste woman.  Namaste.

What are your 2016 goals?  How are they going so far? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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