Running Late in the Second Trimester AKA “Is That a Hippo Loose on the Beach?”

Ahhhhh kids, we are reaching that time in the gestation of little nugget.  That time when the systems are  starting to experience some obvious signs of “short-circuiting”, shall we call it.  Where bending over to retrieve something off the floor is meet with an audible “oof!”…where running up one flight stairs leaves me sweaty and out of breath…where the zippers and seams on many pieces of clothing are truly being tested to their limits.  Put simply…shit’s gettin’ real.  And fast!

And running…oh how running has changed.  These days, all running must be done with a maternity belt.  For those of you unfamiliar with this little piece of magic fabric, it’s basically like a sports bra for your baby bump.  It has taken a TON of pressure off my lower back and pelvis during runs – it’s not the cutest thing in the world fashion-wise, but I’m all about the comfort these days.  I bought this one, but there are a lot of options out there.

And let’s talk about my running form.  Now I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but I’m gonna toot a little bit – pre-ginormous belly, my running form was really good, and I worked hard to get it that way.  It was by no means textbook perfect – there was a liiiiittle bit of ankle supination on my right foot (where my ankle turns outward when my foot strikes the ground), but other than that, I had some pretty running form.

running form on point

Look at that – relaxed arms, head held high and looking straight ahead, entire foot about to strike right under my center of gravity – some good stuff there, if I do say so myself.

But now…Oh now it’s just a big ol’ mess.  It’s all arms flailing, feet violently pounding the ground, crimson face, formerly solid parts jiggling like jello in an earthquake.  I look like I’m having a heart attack while simultaneously trying to run from the cops, frantically flag down a cab and do the pee-pee dance in a blender.  It truly is a sight and I’m amazed that no one has stopped me to ask if I need medical attention.  But honestly, despite the fact that I think I look ridiculous, it still feels really good to get out and be active, and I’m extremely grateful that I have been able to maintain this level of activity 23 weeks into my pregnancy.

IMG_2519 (2)

Abs for days y’all…abs for days.  And the bellybutton has officially popped.

I’m not going to give detailed workouts for Weeks 20, 21, and 22 mostly because I fell off the wagon a little bit – the exhaustion returned for a few days and then there was a trip to Buffalo in the mix there.  And here’s the thing – I am officially the worst about working out when I travel.  You will never see the typical “How to Exercise When You’re on the Road” blog post from this girl over here because I SUCK at it.  I would have an easier time writing a blog post entitled “How to Perform Brain Surgery in Outer Space”. I have noble intentions and always pack all my gear, but whether I am traveling for work, to see family, or for enjoyment, something else will usually take priority.

Pure cuteness

How can I even think about jumping on a treadmill when these two faces (that I do not see nearly enough) are staring at me?

So let’s just say for those weeks, I averaged about 20 miles of running or walking/week and 1-2 strength training workouts.

But here’s a few “pregnancy progression” updates where I let you all know how things are moving along:

So what’s new and exciting? Well, I finally felt Baby Beres kick! It happened around Week 20, which is later than most women feel the first movements, but man, when (s)he moved, (s)he came with the thunder!  It wasn’t the “flutters” that you hear about – Baby Beres straight up punted me repeatedly and hard!  Even Danon could feel it.  And I’m happy to report that baby is still punting and punching the hell out of my lower abdomen and it feels pretty cool.  This movement is usually induced by sugar…which brings me to my next observation…

Any cravings/aversions? No aversions still, but in the cravings department all of a sudden…HOLY SWEET TOOTH (much to my dentist’s chagrin).  If it’s got sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it needs to be ingested stat.  Cookies and gelato have been a crowd favorite lately.


I had one of these bad boys during my layover in Chicago and I can honestly say that they changed my life.  Danon had some flown in from their bakery in Chicago for me.  Be still my beating heart…

I regret nothing

I regret nothing.

And this segways nicely into my next little bullet point…

Weight gain so far? 14 lbs. as of my last doctor appointment at 22 weeks, which my doc is cool with.  Although the booty and thighs have gotten a bit wider and squishier (adeiu for now skinny jeans), I’m carrying most of my weight in my belly, which has definitely led to some pretty funny “suddenly losing my balance and tipping over for no apparent reason” moments.  And why do we say to pregnant women “You look amazing!  You are all belly!”?  Like, what the f%&k are you supposed to say if the poor woman blew up and is retaining water like a sponge…”Dude…Rach…you look great!  You’re all hips and thighs! Are you carrying a twin in each ass cheek?” Rant over…

And now the most exciting news EVER…The Babymoon!

In just a few short days, Danon and I will be jetting outta here for some South American adventures – 3 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 days in Montevideo, Uruguay and 3 days in Santiago, Chile!  We booked this trip back in May, so it was not originally intended as a babymoon, but, well, life happens!  The Argentinian wine tasting expedition will have to be replaced with some museum tours I guess.


Buenos Aires at night, photo credit here because I don’t have any Buenos Aires photos of my own yet.

I’ll post about the trip details when we return, but in the meantime I’ll be updating the IG (@stepbitestep) with pics throughout the course of our trip.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


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