Workouts – Week 18 and 19 and All Your Burning Questions Answered!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We were crazy busy all weekend, so it was nice to finally settle in on the couch last night and watch some football.  But first…an attempt at a bump pic on our balcony that was foiled by Lindy (which I think turned out way better than the intended pic anyways!)

Lindy photobomb

She just really likes to be included in things.

So far, things are progressing fabulously with the little nugget on the way.  Before I get into the workouts, I have gotten a few questions about the little one, and I thought it would be fun to share the answers with you guys!

Any aversions/cravings? No aversions, surprisingly! I attribute this to the fact that even prior to my pregnancy, I already had a really sensitive sniffer and sense of taste, so my senses are not “sensitive” right now, they are “normal” (for me).  As for cravings…I haven’t had Danon run to Jack In The Box for the Ultimate Cheeseburger at 3AM (yet).  There are definitely some things that taste really good to me (Tom Yum Soup, toasted English muffins with butter and jelly, Greek yogurt with raspberries and granola), but nothing that has been dominating my taste bud needs.

Any nausea/morning sickness? Nothing too horrible in the first trimester and nothing now.  During the first trimester, I would get nauseous pretty quickly if I worked out in the heat.  Sometimes I would get that icky feeling that you get in your tummy if you take a vitamin on an empty stomach, but that was always fixed by snacking on something carb-y.  No throwing up though (thankfully!).

Weight gain? Officially 8 lbs. as of my last appointment at 18 weeks.  Which, to be honest, I don’t pay too much attention to anyways, as my weight fluctuates 3-5 lbs. on an everyday basis.  Since I am continuing to stay active, I am doing the usual “eat when I am hungry, try to keep it mostly healthy, and don’t lose your damn mind and think because you are pregnant you can eat everything in sight”.  I can definitely feel myself getting a bit “squishier” though, which is to be expected when you are not running 50-60 miles/week anymore and your body is physically preparing to give birth/breast feed/do all these magical mommy miracle-of-life things.

You’re really not finding out the baby’s sex?  Is that driving you nuts? Yes, we want to be surprised at nugget’s birth – Danon and I both love surprises, and for the most part we are both go-with-the-flow type people.  We’re primarily enjoying ourselves watching this drive our Type-A planner family members and friends nuts.

How the f%$k are you still running?! Truth be told, it was hard both physically and mentally during the first trimester.  Physically, the heat and the first trimester exhaustion made it tough, and I would have to either run really early in the morning, substitute a walk (or other activity), or skip the workout all together.  Mentally, it was difficult to transition from training to run a 3:35 marathon to just running for the fun of it at a much slower pace.  Yes, I know slowing down my workouts is for a greater purpose and yes I know this sounds selfish, but it is what it is…I think it’s important for me to be honest here, with myself and with all of you, and knowing that I was not going to be toeing the line at Boston in April after years of hard work was a tough pill to swallow at first.  But I promise I’m over it. 🙂

During the second trimester, so far, I have loved running.  The weather has cooled just a bit and I have transitioned to simply enjoying the freedom of running without an expectation of pace, mileage or effectiveness of a training plan.  Oh don’t get me wrong – I am getting slower and slower by the week – but it’s really nice to not have all that (totally self-imposed) pressure on me, and to just be able to take off and enjoy the scenery…and of course, pee every 7-10 minutes.

Hey, if you have a question for me, just ask!  As you can tell, I am a pretty open, uncensored book (ask Danon about my lack of filter), so unless you are being an offensive and/or judgmental a-hole, I’ll answer all your questions openly and honestly.

So here’s a summary of the (doctor approved) workouts I did over the last 2 weeks (Weeks 18 and 19) of my pregnancy:

Monday 10/5: Prenatal yoga on YouTube.  I used this video here and quite frankly it wasn’t my jam.  I just didn’t feel like it worked me that much, and some of the poses actually hurt me more than they helped.

Tuesday 10/6: Ran 8 miles (9:07/mile pace) from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach and back.  It was a really beautiful, clear and cool day.  When I say cool I mean like 75F.  So not that cool.


Wednesday 10/7: This upper-body workout that kicked my butt!

Upper Body Workout 10072015

Thursday 10/8: 4.5 mile run (9:09/mile pace)

Friday 10/9: OFF (Drive up to Napa Valley)

Saturday 10/10: Does dancing my booty off count?  Danon and I went to the Jarvis Ball in Napa with some friends and had an incredible time eating, drinking (water for me) and dancing the night away!

Jarvis Ball

Yea…we clean up nice.  I had a little help on the hair and makeup.  OK a lot of help on the hair and makeup.

Sunday 10/11: OFF.  We drove back from Napa along Highway 1, which took forever but was beautiful and soooo worth the extra time on the road.  Here are a few shots from our adventures:

Highway 1

Somewhere just south of Monterey, CA.


Some hitchhiker I picked up on the side of the road.

Elephant Seals

The elephant seals just outside of Cambria, CA.  They are huge and adorable and they waddle on the sand and make cute noises and I wanted to take one home but the State of California Parks Department apparently frowns on this sort of behavior.

Monday 10/12: 4 mile walk

Tuesday 10/13: A light arm/ab workout.  I forgot to write it down (#bloggerfail), but it included a lot of shoulder work, some biceps and triceps and a bit of planking.

Wednesday 10/14: 5 mile run (9:12/mile pace)

Thursday 10/15: 6 mile run (9:25/mile pace)

Friday 10/16: OFF

Saturday 10/17: This leg crusher of a workout.  Seriously – my quads were absolute jello when I was done.  Danon just did it as I was putting this post together and he was cursing me the whole time.

Leg Workout 10172015

Sunday 10/18: 10 mile run (9:23/mile pace) – I felt this one in my hips and groin afterwards!  It’s definitely time for me to invest in a belly band if I want to keep running through this pregnancy.

That’s all for now friends!  Hope you are having a great week, and I would love to hear any recommendations for a good prenatal yoga class and belly bands in the comments!


  1. What an awesome mommy athlete you are. I cant even do those things without being pregnant! You are amazing, well on your way into a healthy pregnancy and birth. Love following this blog. Thanks for sharing with us. You go girl!!!


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