Workouts – Week 16 and 17

Hey all!   Not gonna lie, I am kinda jealous of all you peeps in those parts of the country who are actually starting to see some cooler temps.  I just wanna play my #basicbitch card and put on my leggings, Uggs, a plaid flannel shirt and knitted hat and go frolic in the fall foliage while guzzling a pumpkin spice latte.  Don’t worry…that jealousy will totally  fade in a few months when you guys are shoveling yourselves out from under 5 feet of snow just to get to the mailbox and I’m riding my beach cruiser along the boardwalk in jeans and flip flops (with perhaps a light cotton decorative scarf around my neck for “warmth”…hahahaha I mean fashion).  But for now…totes jealous over here!

So I figured that I would devote a few blog posts per month about the workouts I have been doing during my pregnancy for a few reasons:

  1.  It keeps me accountable to the interwebs (and all of you!).  It’s basically what I tell my clients that I train…”You know what to do.  You know how to exercise.  I’m not doing anything groundbreaking here.  I’m not teaching any state of the art ‘get fit quick’ exercise techniques.  You hire me for accountability.”  Pregnancy has had a way of depleting my intrinsic motivation – so I need to tap into my extrinsic motivation.  That’s where you guys come in! (so thanks for that)
  2. Maybe somewhere out there, one of you is freshly sperminated and knocked up and you want some ideas on how to stay active during this exciting (yet somewhat daunting time).  I hope that these posts will give you some ideas/inspiration while you are navigating the challenging world of pregnancy brain (not a myth!), random yet satisfying food cravings and accidentally peeing yourself when you sneeze.
  3. I’d like to have a little diary of what I did and how I did it along this little journey in my life.  I’m not sure why yet…perhaps someday a couple years from now I’ll look back on my workouts from week 1,536 of this pregnancy and laugh about how I ran (waddled) that 5k when I could barely even stuff my giant feet into my sneakers.  Who knows.

But here ya go!  My (doctor-approved) workouts from weeks 16 and 17 of gestating our nugget:

Monday 9/21: 8 mile run (9:12/mile pace).  Damn was it windy that day! I’m putting some pics below because if I don’t selfie my activity, then who’s to say it ever even happened?!


No one in Huntington Beach has ever taken this image under the pier before.  Ever.  My eye for novel photography is unparalleled.



See! Wind! And a gloriously derp-y look on my face.

Tuesday 9/22: 3 mile run (9:02/mile pace) and this workout below:

922 Workout

Note: I’m still able to do reguar pushups and I don’t have to go down to my knees yet.

Wednesday 9/23: Off.

Thursday 9/24:  Spinning class at Full Psycle.  Love this place.

Friday 9/25:   Yoga class at 24-Hour Fitness.  This was my last yoga class there because Danon and I cancelled our memberships.  We signed up at the brand new blingy-blingy 24-Hour at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa right when it opened about 3 years ago, and since then it’s just gotten waaaaaay too overcrowded, and then they raised our dues.  Not cool – peace out.  Plus I have so much equipment here for my private personal training business that we really don’t need all those machines.

Saturday 9/26: Off

Sunday 9/27: 5 mile run (9:10/mile pace)

Monday 9/28: Stationary bike and gossip for 45 minutes with Ms. Talia.

Tuesday 9/29: Off

Wednesday 9/30: Spinning at Full Psycle.

Thursday 10/1: This fabulous arm-crusher of a workout.  Seriously.  The arms were officially made of jello after this one:

101 Workout

Friday 10/2: 5 mile run (8:58/mile pace)

Saturday 10/3: Off

Sunday 10/4: 6.2 mile run (8:56/mile pace)

So there you have it!  2 weeks of my nugget-friendly workouts.  Here’s a few musings/pearls of wisdom/observations from the fitness program over the past couple weeks.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…working out in the intense heat has been a big no-no for me during my pregnancy.  And it’s not about building a stronger me anymore.  It’s about building a healthy nugget.  If my body is telling me to stop, it’s just not smart to push through the discomfort.  On the days it was too hot to run outside, I either went to a gym with air conditioning, worked out in our garage or took the day off completely.

2. For runs, I have had to stick to the beach path here because of the abundance of public restrooms and water fountains.  This baby is apparently using my bladder as a punching bag.

Here’s what happens when you have to pee on a run and you’re not knocked up: “Oh, I think I might have to pee in a bit.  Well, there is a public restroom about two miles up the road, I’ll go there.” (Reaches bathroom) “Lovely! Grand! Here it is!” (Enters said bathroom and proceeds to pee out the 2 cups of coffee and 20 oz. of gatorade/water mixture that went down the hatch pre-run.  Carries on with run.)

Here’s what happens when you have to pee on a run while carrying what feels like a shotput on your bladder: “Oh, I think I might have to pee in a bit.”  Literally 45 seconds later: “Ohmygodohmygodholyshitholyshit I gotta go NOW.  Where the f%$k is the bathroom?!?!” (Sees public restroom about 100 yards away and sprint/waddles to the door) “Ohmygodohmygodholyshitholyshit I’m about to pee my pants, oh my god there must be 3 gallons of piddle in my bladder, holy crap it’s going to start coming out of my eyeballs!” (Pulls down pants and awkwardly hovers over toilet seat.  Approximately 8-10 drops of pee come out) “THAT’S IT?!?!” (Repeats this process roughly every 1.5 miles)

3.  All workouts have been done at a conversation pace.  Meaning if I can’t comfortably hold a conversation (actually hold a conversation, not just gasp out a few words), I stop or slow down for a couple minutes to catch my breath.  Sometimes on runs it means singing song lyrics to myself.  Sometimes I get funny stares from onlookers.  Whatever…ain’t no shame in my game.

4. The thing is – overall I feel really good!  The bumper isn’t so big that I have had to modify any exercises yet, but I have had to slow down a little more every week and I’m taking more rest days than usual.  It’s all part of the process, which to be perfectly honest, I really am enjoying!  (I say that now…talk to me in 5 months)

FullSizeRender (14)

17 weeks! 

That’s all for now everyone!  Hey if anyone can recommend a great prenatal yoga class in the Huntington Beach/Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area let me know!


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