The Next Big Thing

Here we go!  I know all 21 of my loyal blog followers…oh wait…I’m following my own blog…I know that all 20 of my loyal blog followers have been waiting with baited breath for the big announcement on what I will be doing on my summer vacation, and here it is!  In between eating copious amounts of BBQ, throwing back ice cold Sam Adams Summer Ales and taking the fur babies to the beach, I will be training for the Santa Rosa Marathon!  I’ll let that settle in so you can all calm your rapidly beating hearts.

SR Marathon Logo

For the regular marathon runners that are stopping by, it’s not hard to figure out why I chose this race.  Geographically, it’s not ideal – it’s far enough away where I’ll need to hop on a plane and spend a couple nights in a hotel in a location where, let’s be honest here people, I would rather spend the entire weekend throwing back vino. BUT…It’s pretty well known that this course is a major feeder into Boston.  It’s flat(ish) and fast(ish), and it’s my not-so-secret goal to lower my marathon PR by a couple minutes before Boston registration opens in mid-September.   It also gives me the next 10 weeks to get in some really good quality training since I have a pretty strong base right now.  I haven’t thought super-far ahead as to what that quality training is going to entail, but it’ll be quality.  Trust me.

I DO know I want to incorporate more speedwork than I did on my last training cycle.  Which shouldn’t be too challenging considering my number of speed workouts in my last training cycle totaled a big ol’ goose egg (for no other reason other than I was being a baby because I hate speed workouts).  Way to own it Rachel.


The last known photograph of me doing speedwork.  And by “speedwork” I mean that I ran back and forth along the beach path during a beautiful sunset while Danon took pictures for the website.

Some other “activities” I would like to incorporate into this training cycle (I’m putting this on the internet, and the internet is forever, so this actually makes me….big scary word…accountable…well to all 20 of you at least):

  • Resistance training (ALWAYS seems to fall by the wayside) 1-2x/week.  Nothing crazy, just enough so it doesn’t look like I have been skipping arm day at the gym for the past 3 months.
  • Yoga – I’m about as flexible as a PVC pipe, but I have this gift card for our local bikram studio that Danon got me for our anniversary last year that needs to be used.  Plus I always feel great right afterwards.  OK that’s a lie – after spending 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees/90 percent humidity trying to hold eagle pose next to teeny tiny bendy 100 lb. sorority girls, I feel like death.  But after a shower and a gallon of ice water, I feel fantastic.  Namaste.
  • Surfing.  For no other reason than it’s summer in Huntington Beach, there is no excuse for living here for 8 years now and not taking a single surfing lesson, and who doesn’t have a total girl crush on Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush?

I am also toying with the idea of increasing my weekly mileage overall.  Any thoughts on this from the peanut gallery?  All my training plans gradually increase in mileage (with a couple stepback weeks thrown in) and then max out at 50 miles/week before I taper.  Do I need to get into 60-70 miles/week territory?  Opinions please!

Thanks for stopping by to read my lil’ ol’ blog, I really appreciate it! We’ll chat again soon!


  1. Hi Rachel! Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog!! I just started official training for my first full marathon in October and love the pointers! Keep ’em coming!


  2. I take a yoga sculpt class at 9 am on Saturdays. It is slightly heated but I have to say it’s more of a cardio workout than anything. Plus you get the resistance with the free weights. Lmk if you want to come try it!

    Also..I am in on the surf lesson if you want a buddy!!! I have a guy that was referred to me a couple years ago but as you can see life has happened and I have yet to take one!


    • Hi Em!
      The yoga sculpt class sounds awesome and something I would definitely be interested in, but I teach the Saturday 9AM boot camp! Any other dates/times available?
      Also, I’m totally up for a surf lesson buddy – let’s do this! Summer goals.


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